Leben Nelson Moro

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Leben Nelson Moro is from Kajokeji in Southern Sudan. As a doctoral student in Development Studies at the Department of International Development, University of Oxford, he carried out fieldwork in the oil areas of southern Sudan during late 2005 and 2006, and donated a selection of 105 of his field photographs to the Pitt Rivers Museum in December 2007.

His research topic focuses on oil exploration in the southern region, and its connection to conflict and displacement, and his photographs are importantly related to these concerns. The collection also documents some significant recent events in southern Sudanese history, such as the return of the SPLA to Juba in December 2005 and the ceremonies held in Malakal in July 2006 to mark the anniversary of the death of John Garang.

Scope of the collection:

Seventy-three 35 mm colour negatives, thirty-two digital images.

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