Archibald Norman Tucker (1904-1980)

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Tucker was Linguistic Expert of non-Arabic Languages for the Sudan Government from 1929 to 1931. Edward Evans-Pritchard seems to have met Tucker during his 1930 field trip, during or after which time he gave him a number of prints inscribed on the reverse. Tucker was born in Cape Town in 1904, and educated at South African College School. He obtained an MA from the University of Cape Town in 1926, and PhD from the University of London in 1929 (D.Litt. in 1949). In 1932 he became Reader at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Much of his work was concerned with orthographic research, which he undertook in both Uganda and Kenya (on Ganda and Kikuyu respectively). He organised and directed an orthography conference in Western Uganda in 1954, and, prior to that, in 1949-1951, he supervised a Bantu line expedition in the Belgian Congo for the International African Institute.

Reverse of 1998.355.580, inscribed by Tucker "Yoinyang. Looking for your hippo" (labelled "Evening Scene (A.N.T.)" by Evans-Pritchard in his handlist).

His publications include

Scope of Collection:

8 gelatin silver prints, probably produced circa 1930, in E. E. Evans-Pritchard Collection.

Reverse of 1998.355.585, inscribed by Tucker "Chap dancing behind his bull (which is being lead by a friend out of the picture). Time about 8am. Rumyiri - Pibor" (labelled " Tuar" by Evans-Pritchard in his handlist).
Reverse of 1998.355.581, inscribed by Tucker "Kodak's had the nerve to enlarge this photo" (labelled "I and A.N.T. (A.N.T.)" by Evans-Pritchard in his handlist).
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