Talib Ismail, fl. 1920-1927

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There are nine prints in the Evans-Pritchard Collection that can be attributed to Talib Ismail, who is also noted in The Nuer as the source for two plates reproduced there. He was an officer, with the title of Yuzbashi (or Captain), almost certainly Sudanese, who served in Upper Nile Province as a sub-mamur at Akobo from 5 June 1920 to 1 November 1927. The prints all have the same handwriting on the reverse which seems to be that of C.G. Seligman who may have procured them in 1921-2, and who used some of them in the volume Pagan Tribes of 1932. Curiously they reproduced the images in Pagan Tribes of the Nilotic Sudan crediting E-P as the source, although E-P rectified this in his own monograph. This mix-up suggests that Evans-Pritchard was in possession of these prints before the writing of Pagan Tribes and who was then credited for them.

Reverse of 1998.346.350
Reverse of 1998.346.349
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