Buffalo hunt in Nuerland

Buffalo hunt in Nuerland
35 mm | Negative film Kodak Panatonic
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WT.Southern Sudan.9.7

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Some of Thesiger's Nuer porters standing around a buffalo shot by him. One of the men is wearing the metal arm badge of a chief's policeman, and next to him another is wearing thiau armrings on his right arm. The native police force was recruited from 1927 to assist with the enforcement of judgements made at local chief's courts, which were also augmented at this time, a policy forcefully pushed through by C. A. Willis who became governor of Upper Nile Province in 1926.
Wilfred Patrick Thesiger
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[Southern Sudan] Wahda
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Wilfred Patrick Thesiger
Accepted as Art in Lieu of Inheritance Tax by H.M. Government and allocated to the Pitt Rivers Museum, March 2004
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Fauna , Weapon , Insignia , Hunting
Animal Buffalo , Spear
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Manual Catalogue (Thesiger album card) entry for similar image - 'VOL E p. 27/Buffalo shot by me.' [Elin Bornemann 24/5/2004] In The Life of My Choice (Harper Collins 1987) Thesiger notes (page 269) that 'tribal police, who were only distinguished from their fellow-tribesmen by a metal badge worn on the left arm, bearing the Provincial arms of a shield and crossed spears. We...usually kept a few tribal police on the Kereri; but since most chiefs had one or two in their village, we did not take any with us when we were on trek...' Chris Morton [17/9/2004]
Elin Bornemann [11/12/2003] Christopher Morton [21/9/2004] [Southern Sudan Project]
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