Portrait of Mandari youths

Portrait of Mandari youths
56 x 56 mm | Negative film nitrate
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A group portrait of four Mandari men, two sitting and two standing. Three of them are wearing the beaded waist bands of apparently the same age set, and hold clubs. The other man is probably married and wears only one bead string. The bead-denoting age sets were not corporate groups in any strong sense and in their names referred to the styles or colour of beads worn by that group. The pattern of forming age sets was borrowed from the neighbouring Dinka, although neither group initiation nor age-grade raiding were practiced.
Jean Carlile Buxton
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1950 - 1952
[Southern Sudan] Bahr el Jebel Tali
Mandari Dari
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Ronald Carlile Buxton via Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Donated 1988
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Jean Buxton Collection
Weapon , Ornament
Club , Ornament Body
See Related Documents File. Buxton field notebooks in Tylor Library.
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In Some Notes on the Mandari of Equatoria Province, A.E. Sudan, (typescript notebook of c.1951 in Tylor Library, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford), book I, page 30, Jean Buxton notes that 'Although they are naked, the wearing of beads is very popular. These are of two different types and mean different things. There are large strings of circular waist beads of different colours, which have a special significance and denote different age grades, and which can only be worn by an individual when he is in the appropriate age-grade. The other kind of beads is usually worn around the neck, and is purely ornamental. They can be worn by anyone, although there are usually set fashion trends which dictate which type of beads it is smart to wear to be up-to-date. These latter consist of small strings of beads, often worn the whole way up the throat...' [Chris Morton 26/11/2004]
Christopher Morton 26/11/2004 [Southern Sudan Project]
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