Girl showing Dinka men a doll

Girl showing Dinka men a doll
58 x 57 mm | Negative film nitrate
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1998.436.17.2 - Print gelatin silver , (55 x 52 mm)
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A European girl showing a group of Dinka men a talking doll. This girl and her sister were freshly disembarked at Juba from school in Kenya, their father being employed as a Veterinary Officer near Juba.
John E. Allen
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1951 July
[Southern Sudan] Bahr El Jebel Juba
Dinka European English
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John E. Allen
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John E. Allen
Toy & Game , Transport
Toy , Wheel Vehicle Motor
List with captions, essay, correspondence in Related Documents File.
Primary Documentation:
Manual Catalogue (John E. Allen 5/7/2005) - "The Dinka and others at Juba admire a little girl who has just arrived from school in Kenya for the summer holidays with her family. The lorry in the background is the Nimule-Juba transport." [CM 11/8/2005]

Other Information:
Additional notes from essay The Nuer around Ler in Bahr el Ghazal Province in 1951 Southern Sudan.Record of a journey by J.E. Allen, summer 1951 [in Related Documents File]: "Amongst my travelling companions, all the way from Kenya were two little girls, aged, I think, about six and eight, on their way from boarding school in Kericho to their family for the summer holidays. If I remember correctly, their father was a Veterinary Officer near Juba. They traveled alone, but were handed on from the care of one steward to the next in each of the nine different conveyances involved. At Juba, they were met by their mother, but not before they had given great delight to some Dinka we met there, who were especially fascinated by a talking doll! There was also a Church Missionary Society missionary, Canon Ewell, who had been to Nairobi for his annual shopping trip for supplies for the next twelve months." [CM 12/8/2005] Archive note - this negative and print were found in the related documents file wrapped in a sheet of re-used bibliography, written on one side "Nuer or Dinka looking at a doll". [CM 12/8/2005]
Christopher Morton 11/8/2005 [Southern Sudan Project]
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