Moro Endri rain-maker

Moro Endri rain-maker
103 x 75 mm | Print silver
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1998.345.28.1 - Negative film nitrate , (103 x 75 mm)
Date of Print:
1983 PRM
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X 6

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A three-quarter length portrait of a man (identified as Mogia the rain-maker) dressed in a long white Arabic-style shirt outside a hut at Kariba village with a verandah, on which there is a camp table and chair as well as a camp bed. This seemingly large hut possibly belonged to the administration or mission. Mogia gave Evans-Pritchard information regarding his rain-making ritual at the grave of a renowned rain-maker called Kiluba. The Böri clan of rain-makers seems to have been restricted to the southern Moro Endri and perhaps Moro Oggi (Uggi). The identification and description of medicine-men and rain-makers among different groups was an explicit direction given to Evans-Pritchard by C. G. Seligman in compiling the ethnographic survey of the southern Sudan.
Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard
Date of Photo:
[Southern Sudan] Western Equatoria Amadi District Kariba
Moro Endri
Publication History:
Contemporary Publication - A cropped version of this image is reproduced as Fig.1 (page 54) in E. E. Evans-Pritchard's article A Note on Rain-Makers Among the Moro , Man, 1938 (April) no.49, with the caption "Mogia". [Chris Morton 4/3/2004]
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Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard
Donated 1966
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E. E. Evans-Pritchard Collection
Religion , Ritual , Shelter , Furniture Dwelling
Original catalogue lists in Manuscript Collections. Additional material in related documents files. [CM 27/9/2005]
Primary Documentation:
PRM Accession Records - Accession Book Entry [p. 98] 1966.27 [1 - 24] G[ift] PROFESSOR E. E. EVANS-PRITCHARD; INST. OF SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 51 BANBURY RD. OXFORD - 1966.27.19 - S. SUDAN, DARFUNG. VARIOUS TRIBES. Box of negatives in envelopes, [1 - 242] & 1966.27.20 - Box of prints of these negatives [refers to object 1966.27.19] [1 - 242], in envelopes.

Note on print reverse ms pencil - "PRM 1983"
Other Information:
Ethnographic context - In E. E. Evans-Pritchard's article A Note on Rain-Makers Among the Moro, Man, 1938 (April) no.49, 54, he states that 'The rain-maker Mogia of Kariba (Fig.1), an old man who had been a soldier in Egyptian Government times, told me that to make rain he cuts the throat of a fowl over the grave of an important rain-maker, named Kiluba. He also washes his face from a pot of water and sprinkles water on the grave with a length of kwono creeper. Kiluba's grave is a simple mound and is surrounded by the graves of members of his family. In the dry season the grasses and shrubs near the graves are not burnt like the surrounding bush. Care is taken to protect them against fire, for it is said that were they to be burnt there would be drought.' [Chris Morton 4/3/2004]
Christopher Morton 4/3/2004 [Southern Sudan Project]
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