Group of Zande men

Group of Zande men
104 x 78 mm | Print gelatin silver
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1998.341.559.1 - Negative film nitrate , (104 x 78 mm)
Silver sulphide staining [EE 1989]
Date of Print:
Previous PRM Number:
Previous Other Number:
52 (+31)

Accession Number:
A line of men, at the end of which is Bitarangba who has been mutilated as a punishment for adultery by having his hands removed. He holds a stick over his shoulder with a skin bag (mongu) slung over it. At the front of the line a youth wears a sort of handmade waistcoat. [image darkened at top]
Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard
Date of Photo:
1927 - 1930
[Southern Sudan] Western Equatoria Yambio
PRM Source:
Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard
Donated 1966
Other Owners:
E. E. Evans-Pritchard Collection
Physical Anthropology , Punishment and Torture , Clothing
Original catalogue lists in Manuscript Collections. Additional material in related documents files. [CM 27/9/2005]
Primary Documentation:
PRM Accession Records - [1966.27.21] G PROFESSOR E. E. EVANS-PRITCHARD; INST. OF SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 51 BANBURY RD. OXFORD - S. SUDAN, AZANDE TRIBE. Box of negatives in envelopes. Nos. 1 - 400
Added Accession Book Entry - [In pencil in column] Catalogue room.
[1966.27.23] G PROFESSOR E. E. EVANS-PRITCHARD; INST. OF SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 51 BANBURY RD. OXFORD - S. SUDAN, AZANDE TRIBE. Box of prints in envelopes, nos. 1 - 400 (prints of negatives in 1966.27.21)

Manual Catalogues [typewritten, entitled "Zande Photographs (E-P)"] - 559. Group of men (including one mutilated) 52(+31)

Notes on card mount m/s pencil - "SSS overall 8.89"

Other Information:
In Man and Woman among the Azande (Faber & Faber 1974, page 194) E. E. Evans-Pritchard quotes an informant who states that 'making love to people's wives was the cause in the past of mutilating people's hands, lips, ears and eye-lids [and genitals]. When a man knew a youth had an affair with his wife he would call together his male kinsmen and they would go stealthily and seize the young man and cut off his hands, ears and lips. Then they would cut off his genitals so that he would not meddle with people's wives again.' See also [1998.341.434] for an image of the same mutilated man. [Chris Morton 21/11/2003]
Christopher Morton 21/11/2003 [Southern Sudan Project]
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