Zande 'rain-magic'

Zande 'rain-magic'
104 x 78 mm | Print gelatin silver
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1998.341.18.1 - Negative film nitrate , (104 x 78 mm)
Slight sulphide staining [EE 1989]
Date of Print:
Previous PRM Number:
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3 (196) [frame 1]

Accession Number:
A magical invocation consisting of a stone suspended from a stick using a tied piece of grass, to prevent rain during the building of a hut.
Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard
Date of Photo:
1927 - 1930
[Southern Sudan] Western Equatoria Yambio
Publication History:
Contemporary Publication - Reproduced as Plate XXXIb (facing page 453) in Witchcraft Oracles and magic among the Azande (OUP 1937) with the caption "A stone hangs in the air to prevent rain from falling during hut-building"
PRM Source:
Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard
Donated 1966
Other Owners:
E. E. Evans-Pritchard Collection
Religion , Ritual , [Shelter]
Religious Offering , [Building]
Ritual Activity
Original catalogue lists in Manuscript Collections. Additional material in related documents files. [CM 27/9/2005]
Primary Documentation:
PRM Accession Records - [1966.27.21] G PROFESSOR E. E. EVANS-PRITCHARD; INST. OF SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 51 BANBURY RD. OXFORD - S. SUDAN, AZANDE TRIBE. Box of negatives in envelopes. Nos. 1 - 400
Added Accession Book Entry - [In pencil in column] Catalogue room.
[1966.27.23] G PROFESSOR E. E. EVANS-PRITCHARD; INST. OF SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 51 BANBURY RD. OXFORD - S. SUDAN, AZANDE TRIBE. Box of prints in envelopes, nos. 1 - 400 (prints of negatives in 1966.27.21)

Manual Catalogues [typewritten, entitled "Zande Photographs (E-P)"] - 5. Rain-magic. (stone hanging from stick). 3 (196)

Notes on card mount m/s pencil - "slight ss [sulphide staining] 6/87"
Other Information:
Negative seems to be missing for this print. See m/s note in RDF from E.E. "3) Most of the negatives from "Witchcraft etc." are missing (although the prints are there)." See also [1998.341.18 .1 - .2] (EP.A.5) for an almost identical image to this. [Chris Morton 6/10/2003] In Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic Among the Azande (OUP, 1937), E. E. Evans-Pritchard notes (page 474) that "the following method is illustrated on Plate XXXI. I have often observed it employed during hut-building: 'They hang up a stone, saying, "May rain not fall, when rain appears as though it is about to fall may it remain firm like the stone. May rain not soften (liquify) to fall. Let rain remain firm in the heavens like a stone. May you, stone, be first untied, then may rain fall." They tie up the stone to keep away rain.'
Christopher Morton 6/10/2003 [Southern Sudan Project]
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