Anuak harpoon gaff

Anuak harpoon gaff

Accession Number:
[Southern Sudan]
Cultural Group:
Anywaa [Anuak]
Date Made:
By 1936
Local Name:
Other Owners:
Presumably collected by Evans-Pritchard during his period of fieldwork amongst the Anuak between early March and May 1935 [RTS 18/6/2004].
Field Collector:
Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard
PRM Source:
Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard
Donated 1936
Collected Date:
March - May 1935
Harpoon gaff with detachable hooked head and retrieving line.

Collected by E.E. Evans-Pritchard during his fieldwork amongst the Anuak, which took place between early March and May 1935 (E.E. Evans-Pritchard, 1940, The Political System of the Anuak of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, p. 3).

This gaff is known as
golo, and was used in conjunction with the diganu (see 1936.10.28).

Austin records that at the beginning of the twentieth century the Anuak used fishing spears mounted with giraffe bone heads, which they exchanged for small Egyptian coins (H.H. Austin, 1902,
Among Swamps and Giants in Equatorial Africa, p. 16).

Rachael Sparks 25/9/2005.

Primary Documentation:
Accession Book Entry [p. 410] - 1936 [insert] 10 [end insert] E. EVANS-PRITCHARD, M.A., Exeter College, Oxford. - Specimens collected by himself in the EASTERN SUDAN, while travelling with a Grant from the Rockefeller Leverhulme Trustees, viz: [p. 412] [insert] 27 [end insert] - Harpoon-gaff with detachable, hooked head & retrieving-line. Golo . ANUAK.
Additional Accession Book Entry [p. 409] - 1936.10.27 Number given MdeA. 24/7/1997.

Card Catalogue Entry - There is no further information on the catalogue card [RTS 30/1/2004].

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