Bari stool

Bari stool
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Accession Number:
[Southern Sudan] Bahr el Jebel Gondokoro
Cultural Group:
Date Made:
By 1903
Wood Plant
Carved , Stained , Polished
Ht = 136 mm, seat L = 192, W = 110, th = 8.7 mm; legs W = 33.4, Th = 28.4; diam knob = 15 mm [RTS 13/8/2004].
Other Owners:
Collected in March 1902 (according to object marking) by William Leonard Stevenson Loat, who presented the object to PRM in February 1903 [RTS 13/8/2004].
Field Collector:
?William Leonard Stevenson Loat
PRM Source:
William Leonard Stevenson Loat
Donated February 1903
Collected Date:
March 1902
Stool carved from a single piece of wood and consisting of an oval seat with an upper surface that is convex across its width and concave along its length. This has flat cut sides and a flat underside that slopes gently in towards the centre where 4 short legs splay out from the body at a 45 degree angle. These are oval in section, and turn out at their bases to form a short foot with flattened sides and ends. There is a raised rib with rounded surface spanning the gaps between the top of each pair of legs, while the central part of the seat underside between these has been decorated with a raised knob with faceted, shaved sides and a circular flat-cut base. The wood is a yellowish brown colour (Pantone 7509C), stained darker in places; there are also red ochre traces on the underside between the tops of the legs (Pantone 492C). It is complete and intact and weighs 401.6 grams. The stool is 136 mm high, and its seat is 192 mm long, 110 mm wide and 8.7 mm thick at the edges. The legs are 33.4 mm wide and 28.4 mm thick at their mid points, and the knob has a diameter of 15 mm at its base.

Collected at Gondokoro in March 1902, and presented by Leonard Stevenson Loat to the museum in February 1903. Loat probably was the collector as well as donor of this object, as he is known to have worked around Gondokoro during or before 1902 (see Boulenger, G.A., 1902, “List of the fishes collected by Mr. W.L.S. Loat at Gondokoro”, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (Ser. 7) 10(38):260-264). At the time when this object was collected, the Ugandan border lay just north of Gondokoro (it was moved further south in 1910), hence its association in museum records with Uganda.

For similar Bari stools, see 1927.70.2 (collected at Gondokoro at around the same time) and 1940.12.535. The shape is also similar to Bongo stool 1884.3.16.

Rachael Sparks 23/08/2005.

Primary Documentation:
Accession Book Entry [III, p. 103] - 1903 [pencil insert] 2 [end insert] W.L.S. LOAT Esq. Cumnor, Berks . Feb. [pencil insert] 5 [end insert] - Bari stool, ib[idem] [Gondokoro, Uganda Prov.].

Card Catalogue Entry - EAST AFRICA, UGANDA, GONDOKORO, BARI TRIBE. Stool. d.d. W.L.S. Loat, Feb. 1903.

Written on object - BARI stool, GONDOKORO, WHITE NILE. March 1902. Pres. by W.L.S. Loat Esq. 1903 [RTS 13/8/2004].

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