Shilluk fringe apron

Shilluk fringe apron
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Accession Number:
[Southern Sudan] [Upper Nile]
Cultural Group:
Date Made:
By 1903
Animal Hide Skin? , Animal Leather Skin?
Knotted , Stitched
Belt L = 1050, W = 7, th = 1; fringe body W = 423, L = 230, w strip = 1 mm [RTS 16/9/2005].
150.4 g
Field Collector:
Donald Gunn
PRM Source:
Donald Gunn
Donated 1903
Collected Date:
By 1903
Fringe apron consisting of a narrow band of dark brown hide or leather across the top (Pantone Black 7C), one end of which has been tied into a loop, while the other has an additional piece knotted onto one end to extend its length. This would be used to secure the garment around the waist. A thick fringe has been hung over the central part of this band, composed of a series of narrow leather strips, grouped into small bundles that have been hung over the leather band, adjacent to one another, and then secured beneath this band with 2 rows of oblique stitches. Immediately below is a further 2 rows of binding stitches around the top of each group of strands, which hang down loosely below to form a thick fringe. There is the occasional knot along these strands. The apron is nearly complete, but several strands appear to have broken off short. It has a weight of 150.4 grams. The belt section is 1050 mm long, 7 mm wide and 1 mm thick; the fringed body is 423 mm wide and 230 mm long; each constituent strip is 1 mm wide.

Collected by Donald Gunn from the 'Upper Nile' area, and presented to the museum in 1903.

This type of apron was worn by women. For similar fringe aprons, see 1940.7.010 and 1934.8.45 (Bari), 1940.7.095 (Imatong tribe) and 1940.7.0363.

Rachael Sparks 30/9/2005.

Primary Documentation:
Accession Book Entry [III, p. 110] - 1903 [pencil insert] 16 [end insert] DR D. GUNN Esq., M.B. 40 Dover Street, London, W. June. [...] [p. 113] - The following from the Shilluk tribe, Upper Nile. viz: [pencil insert] 110-111 [end insert] - [1 of] 2 waist fringes of leather (women's).

Card Catalogue Entry - There is no further information on the tribes catalogue card [RTS 23/7/2004].

Pitt Rivers Museum label - Woman's waist fringe - SHILLUK, UPPER NILE. Pres. by Dr. D. Gunn, 1903 [rectangular metal-edged tag, tied to object; RTS 16/9/2005].

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