Recovering the Material and Visual Cultures of the Southern Sudan: A Museological Resource

This website provides access to a detailed catalogue of the collections from Southern Sudan held at the Pitt Rivers Museum, the University of Oxford's museum of anthropology and world archaeology. The Museum's holdings from Southern Sudan comprise more than 1300 artefacts and 5000 photographs. Together, the artefacts and photographs provide a major resource for studying the cultural and visual history of the region. The site also provides a map; annotated lists of cultural groups, collectors, photographers, and people portrayed in the photographs; and a set of further resources (relevant literature, websites, and a site bibliography).

Zande abinza dancing

"As he dances each witch-doctor is in himself a complete orchestra, which rattles and rings and bangs to the rhythm of the drums"

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Zande dance rattle

Described as 'Witch-doctor hand bells', such rattles would be used in ceremonial dances or as musical accompaniment for songs.

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